Creativity is intelligence having fun

- Einstein




Just a girl, sitting in front of her computer with a bourbon in hand – gracefully tapping CTRL+Z to the beat of Roy Orbison on vinyl.

My number one goal whilst traversing this swirling pit of insanity: surround yourself with the people that encourage growth, personally and professionally.

I could drone on about my achievements and skills - however, if given the chance I'm sure Jeffrey Dahmer could have painted himself to be Mother Teresa. Therefore, it behooves you to take it from the fine folks below.


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Hey! Intrigued by what you see? Don't see what you're looking for? The material displayed here is just a sampling of the work I've created over the last 18 years, an amuse-bouche if you will. Send me a note and we can chat to determine how I can help you give your hard work an identity, grow your business, or just amp up your Easter invitations so Aunt Carol doesn't forget to bring the potato salad.

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